Rife Therapy Treatment

Rife Therapy provides a unique way of improving your overall wellbeing. Specific frequencies are generated which are applied to your body through a combination of contact points and energy waves. This process helps stimulate and rejuvenate cells, enabling you to improve your health on many levels. During our sessions, we monitor your physical and emotional responses to the frequencies, allowing us to adjust the treatment accordingly. 

Our individualized approach ensures you get the most out of each session, leaving you feeling energized and revitalized. Unlock your body’s full potential with Rife Therapy! 


Additional time beyond one hour is $.50 per minute. Programs average a range from one to four hours.Individuals may require longer sessions dependent on their condition.

TrueRife and EDS testing, how do they work together?

With our EDS test we can narrow down specific frequencies that your body could benefit from. Then we are able to cross reference those frequencies with the TrueRife system. From there we can build a schedule of how much and how often you may need to run those frequencies on the TrueRife machine. This gives you a completely customized schedule based on your body’s needs. This is a huge separating factor vs running frequencies that you hope your body might need. Charge for this service is $50 a test and can be added on to your current test at the time of appointment.

Why are Rife frequency therapies a part of our protocol?

The body communicates with itself through information in the form of vibratory frequencies. Each substance, whether it is a vitamin, amino acid, etc., has its own unique vibratory frequency, a unique vibratory signature. These are the messengers or bricklayers that the body utilizes for construction and repair.

Rife plasma systems put out an electromagnetic field (EMF) along with the frequencies used during Rife Sessions. The following information on what scientist and researchers have discovered regarding EMF effects may be of interest in understanding how Rife systems not only target disease but may also be used if properly tuned to "normalize" the body’s systems. 

Electromagnetic fields are what are said to hold the atoms of matter together (in atomic theory). It is the force holding electrons in orbit around the nucleus of atoms. It is possible to make an atom of something resonate with an EM field, or current.

Research tells us that in every living cell there is an extremely complex process of subtle electromagnetic vibrations. Each of these cells is an extraordinary electromagnetic device in themselves. It is these cells that compose our organs, our central nervous system, our brains and our body. The enormous 'survival know how' in these single cells compose our own human immune system and together these cells keep us alive and healthy. However due to external or internal forces these can become corrupted. In living things, everything vibrates, the smaller, the faster. The frequencies of the vibrations in a living cell depend on the size of the components. Life within a single cell is really a "dance of electrons", using an enormous range of electromagnetic frequencies. This dance is the basis of life itself. Without electromagnetic energy, life could not exist. It is one of the forces that bind the universe together down to the smallest known particles. It should be noted that while certain other devices are only micro current based, TrueRife systems are also frequency specific.

To illustrate accurate frequency targeting, there was an episode of the TV show "MythBusters" in which they attempted to duplicate the old Memorex commercial where Ella Fitzgerald shattered a glass with her voice - "Is it live? Or, is it Memorex?" Using modern amplification device, they were indeed able to duplicate the commercial and break several crystal glasses. Crystal glasses will make sound when you moved a finger around the rim of the Crystal. Doing this gives the singer the tone needed to shatter it.

This is also true relative to "foreign invaders" being targeted by Rife frequencies. The goal is to induce "sympathetic vibrations" in their cell membranes, or their DNA, to break the bonds, thus shattering them. To do so requires the accurate targeting of a frequency delivered with enough energy to produce the desired results. Without proper targeting, you can hit them with all the energy these machines can produce, and you will not succeed.

Rife plasma devices put out a preset frequency and an electromagnetic field in order to cause resonance or vibration of one of the components of a targeted pathogen in order to bring about devitalization. Some people find it difficult to comprehend that a bulb could put out an invisible beam of energy that could have any impact on a microorganism. One of the best ways to comprehend this possibility is to understand the principles behind a microwave oven which most of us have in our homes. How do microwave ovens work? In a microwave oven, food is cooked by exposing it to microwave radiation. Most household microwave ovens operate on a frequency of 2450-megahertz.  The microwave radiation produces heat inside the food in the oven. Heat is produced when the water molecules in the food vibrate (at a rate of 2,450,000,000 times per second) when the food absorbs the microwave radiation. The movement of the molecules produces friction which causes heat. This heat cooks or warms up the food. A piece of dry paper however does not heat at all since the frequency output of a microwave is a match to water not paper.

There is still much research to be conducted, but if we can keep the body frequency high enough and well oxygenated, some researchers claim we should be free of disease. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency. Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book The Body Electric establishes that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person's health can be determined by its frequency. In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, and independent division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio has determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62-68 MHz (A healthy body frequency is 62 - 72 MHz). When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 MHz, cold and flu symptoms appear, at 55 MHz, diseases like Candida take hold, at 52 MHz, Epstein Bar and at 42 MHz, Cancer. According to Dr. Royal R. rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main aspect is what is used as the source of the frequency. Many use a computer sound card to generate their frequency. There is a difference between using a sound card that is used by some Rife manufacturers as opposed to the Atelier Robin frequency generators used in our machines. The engineering of the internal frequency generator represents a large investment in developing these machines. This is why some vendors use cheap, ineffective audio sound cards within their systems. The main difference between a sound card and our frequency generators is bandwidth. The other difference, not strictly related to the limitations of a sound card is programmability. We are not aware of software as flexible as ours that works with sound cards. As far as bandwidth, it is one difference that has major implications for the different features you use with our generators: square waves, duty cycle control. To produce a reasonable square wave at 10KHZ for example, you need a generator with a bandwidth of at least 200 kHz. The higher the bandwidth, the squarer the wave will be and the more harmonics it contains. A PC sound card tops at 20KHZ (180 kHz short) Our machine has a square wave with a rise/fall time of a few nanoseconds. That translates into a bandwidth in the 800 MHz region for the frequency generator.

For reasons of liability, we cannot recommend running these systems on children or pregnant women. Use at your own risk. We know of individuals who have run systems on children as young as 2 years old. However, we would not ground a small child because of the danger of shock. Using this on children is a personal matter, and there is always some risk with any device. We have not seen any negative effects on small children and have witnessed cold and flu symptoms completely disappear in 24 hours or less in children, while the same program took up to 72 hours to clear an adult with the same virus. Some have expressed concern over a small child's ability to detox debris created by such systems after sessions. We have not witnessed such events but would not argue with these concerns. We have never run a small child on an Ion Pro Wave system. If one chooses to do so, I would not use the grounding tube or any other grounding device.

Everyone is different. Most seldom feel frequencies; yet others do have reactions to certain frequencies. The most common reactions are: feeling sluggish, nauseous, or a having a headache. We rarely see these symptoms last past 24-36 hours. Drink a lot of water prior to running frequency sets, and more after.

No problem with steel plates, stints etc. The EM fields pass harmlessly through metal devices. You can use the Rife system as instructed. Some caution is in order regarding those with pacemakers. Also, the Ion Pro Wave foot bath, if used by someone with a pacemaker, would not be used with grounding. One should never use grounding devices with people who have pacemakers. We have tested our systems this way with grounding with no contradictions but cannot recommend this to others because of liability issues.

Because Rife Frequency based therapies target very specific things in the body, we can target what we want and avoid what we don’t want to target. For instance someone having radiation treatment for a tumor. We can do run frequencies that target the tumor without detoxing radiation so that the radiation can do what it is supposed to do in the body.

It accurately delivers the frequency presets as well as programs created by the user. We have demonstrated complete body penetration. Although we have testimonials as to amazing results and claims for those who have tried this system, FDA regulations do not allow us to make any health claims regarding the effectiveness of these devices. So we are very direct in saying we make no claims that this therapy treats or rids the body of any disease. Only that using this device has demonstrated that there are many positive benefits. These benefits may help the body to heal faster in conjunction with other treatments.

For those that would like even more info please visit www.truerife.com