Why Choose an EDS Test

If you’ve struggled with a chronic health issue, you understand how difficult it is to pinpoint the root cause. Understanding where your symptoms are coming from is key to quick and targeted healing. However, this can be extremely difficult when your symptoms seem to contradict each other, or change frequently. Instead of trying this supplement or that treatment, getting an individual and instant report of your health can give you a roadmap to true health.

During an electro-dermal stress analysis, you will receive an overarching preliminary exam and then a targeted analysis of specific causes of your disease. The preliminary exam will go over all the major organs and glands, and get an accurate and instantaneous reading of their health. This will analyze the lymphatic system, throat and tonsils, sinuses, small and large intestine, the nervous system, the circulation system, the organs and glands working together, the hypothalamus, the pituitary and thyroid glands, and the heart.

After the preliminary exam, we will have an exact score of each of these body systems, and be able to determine which are inflamed, deteriorating, or working well and in balance.

Following the preliminary, we will analyze what in your body is causing your system the most distress. Results for this part of the exam are varied and may include chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, acidosis, or mental and emotional stressors.

Now that we know what is causing your system biological stress, we go through our biologically supportive scientific protocol.

The protocol follows a specific path, determining a five step action plan towards health.

1. Detoxification - the process of pinpointing which harmful substances or factors are causing you physical distress.

2. Endocrine Support - supporting your body’s hormonal and chemical signals and reinstituting balance.

3. Herbal Drainers - introducing natural herbs to help your system drain and remove the toxins.

4. Mental and Emotional Support - supporting your mind and emotions from stressors that have contributed to your disease

5. Mineral Support - improving mineral support to maximize cell function and metabolic health.

By following this protocol, not only is the root cause of your symptoms addressed, but your body is also analyzed for the specific and individual support that you need. This support is unique to every person and varies based on gender, age, environmental stressors, food sensitivities, and health history.

If you are interested in receiving an EDS test and all that it can offer you, call 864-921-9272 to book an appointment or click below to schedule.


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