How to Keep Your Lymphatic System Healthy

Do you often feel fatigued, stiff, and puffy? You may need to evaluate if your lymphatic system is functioning well. Keeping your lymphatic system healthy is essential to maintaining long term overall health.

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together in a free flowing design to move fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream) to be filtered and excreted out. This system is incredibly important to your overall health because it is your drainage system.

If your body is a house, your lymphatics are your plumbing system. When this system gets backed up, every other part of the house is negatively affected. This is why it is so incredibly important to keep this systems moving and flowing.

It is even more imperative if you are in a healing state or detoxing any negative substances from your body. When your drainage system is working properly, your body is able to excrete toxins, metals, chemicals, and waste properly.

Why is Lymphatic Drainage Important?

The lymphatic system is an essential part of your body's immune system, and is responsible for protecting your body from outside threats, such as bacteria, infections, toxins, even cancer cells. Keeping this system moving and flowing ensures that your body is able to get rid of accumulated toxins.

Who Needs Lymphatic Drainage?

Because Lymphatic drainage is such an important part of your body’s whole wellness, every person can benefit from increasing lymph circulation, but especially those suffering from chronic health issues, autoimmune diseases, and a compromised immune system. Healthy lymph circulation ensures that the waste being processed from your body is being put in the proper excretion pathway, and not getting stuck in your system.

How do I Maintain my Lymph at Home?

Maintaining lymph health is very simple, and many daily maintenance practices can be done at home. Your lymphatic system does not have a pump, so it relies on muscle movement and gravity to keep it flowing. Some daily practices you can do to ensure your lymph moves every day are:

Rebounding. Jumping up and down uses gravity to pull the lymph fluid through your body, and keeps it moving properly.

Daily exercise and stretching. Keeping your muscles moving and using gravity is an excellent way to improve your lymphatic drainage. Walking and low impact exercise is an easy addition to your daily health routine.

Dry brushing. Dry brushing for lymphatic drainage is extremely beneficial. Simply take a coarse body brush and brush in circular motions, starting from your extremities and working your way to your heart. 10-15 minutes a day is a great start to your morning routine.

Hydration. If your system is dehydrated, it is difficult for the fluid to keep moving, because there is not enough water content to keep it liquid. One of the most common problems for lymph drainage is the fluid becomes too thick to drain.

People can use these daily maintenance methods but most are still needing more lymphatic drainage. One of the most widely tested and studied treatments that consistently yields positive results is lymphatic massage.

improve health through a lymphatic drainage massage

For those that wish for faster and more immediate results we recommend an Electrodermal Lymphatic Drainage treatment. Electrodermal Lymphatic Drainage treatments change the viscosity of your lymph fluid, making it more liquid and able to drain, instead of thick and clogged.

Lymphatic massage is extremely effective for a clogged lymph system, because it manually moves the lymph fluid through the system, which helps pump the toxins out. This Electrodermal treatment is extremely beneficial, and is equivalent to getting 8 manual lymphatic massages.

Schedule an appointment with our Lymphatic Technician, to get your drainage system working properly again.


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