Detoxing: What It Is and Why You Need It


A buzzword in many clinics and offices and even more so in magazines and podcasts. But what does this commonly used word really mean? Can ‘detoxing’ really be the answer to your health issues?

Detox or Detoxification can be defined as, “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.” By this definition, ‘detox’ really means cleansing. Each and every person on the earth needs some kind of cleansing at some point to keep themselves healthy and nourished.

Why do we need to detox?

Because we live in a toxic world, every person can improve their health to some degree. If you have a chronic illness or a disease, this is more noticable. However, even if you have no negative symptoms and feel great, a regular cleansing is a great way to keep your immune system strong and keep disease from developing. Similar to changing oil filters in our car and air filters and our home, toxins accumulate over time and need to be cleansed for optimal health.

With an obvious health problem such as an illness or a virus, we typically treat the uncomfortable symptoms by providing temporary relief, usually by using medication. However, in order to deeply heal the body of the root problem that is causing the discomfort, we must support our body's natural pathways of healing. The root cause of most diseases is inflammation, toxicity, and obstruction of natural drainage pathways. Supporting your body’s cleansing system is the most effective defense against disease.

What needs to be cleansed?

The human body has multiple built-in drainage pathways and areas that can be regularly cleansed. These areas are the colon, kidney, lymphatic system, and liver. The human body is intelligently designed to self-cleanse and target the specific areas where your body needs focused healing. Often, the body needs extra support when clearing infections, heavy metals, chemicals, mold and fungi, bacteria, parasites, hormone disruptors, and other toxins. 

Typically, your body will store toxins in your tissues and release them slowly so as not to overwhelm your system. When targeting detoxification, these toxins get removed from your tissues and are being drained from your system. While detoxing, you may notice some adverse reactions as these toxins are being excreted from your system.

What happens to my body when I detox?

As toxins are drained from your system, it’s common for negative symptoms to persist, or worsen for a short period of time. 

When the body is sick, it’s common to experience congestion, cough, sore throat, fatigue, body aches, fever, loss of appetite, rashes, fever, muscle and body aches, mood swings, and irregular sleep patterns. While this may seem like no change is occurring, sometimes a short period of detoxification is necessary for your body to remove the accumulated toxins. 

This can be a good sign that these persistent pathogens are being shifted, and progress is being made. However, it’s recommended to work with a professional or educate yourself thoroughly, so you can support your body in this vulnerable state. Many herbs and whole foods can be integrated into your lifestyle to make this period of cleansing shorter or more comfortable. Read below for 5 simple steps to supporting your detox.

How to Restore Health Through a Detox

1. Nutrition and Diet

  • Avoid foods that increase mucus (dairy, processed meats)
  • Avoid seed and vegetable oils. Use ghee, coconut or olive oil instead.
  • Increase water intake (6-8 glasses a day)
  • Increase fruits and vegetables
  • Eat three whole meals a day, try to eat something every 3-4 hours

2. Kidney, Liver, and Colon Support

  • Prioritize whole food support, not just capsules and pills 
  • Support your system with herbs and minerals
  • Support your digestion and elimination with a probiotic.
  • Integrate whole food antioxidants (organic berries, chaga tea, gogi berries, beets, etc.)

3. Start Slow

  • Start with a small dosage and increase slowly. Your body is already under the stress of elimination. Be gentle with it!

4. Use herbs to support while cleansing.

  • Using a herbal formula can help to support your adrenals and hormones as you detox
  • Include highly nutritious foods such as greens (raw and cooked), seaweeds, berries, and teas to provide vitamins and minerals as you heal.
  • Some great herbs to start with are
    • Milk thistle - Cleanses liver
    • Turmeric - Decreases inflammation
    • Ginger and Garlic - Antifugals
    • Cat's Claw and Pau D'Arco - Supress bacteria and infection

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